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Holding the ears captive. Detaining the ears. Eardetainment Music.

Shannon Evans aka Shannon Made knew that somewhere in his future was a record label. He just didn’t know when it’d happen. With that, he did all he could to reach his inevitable goals. An internship at Bobby Brown’s Bosstown Recording Studios led him towards sound engineering and production. When Shannon realized that things were shifting towards the digital age, he got ahead of the curve and took it upon himself to learn the new software and technological advancements to give him the edge over his peers. After tossing video production and editing skills on top of his already impressive plate, Shannon was ready to take things to the next level. Eardetainment was born.

Eardetainment Music is one of the best indie hip-hop labels in the country that is redefining the game with their versatile roster that has delivered a healthy dose of releases for almost a decade. Representing the Midwest, Rushford to be exact, they are continuous makes waves with every step they take. That includes expanding beyond their borders and building bridges near and far. Eardetainment Music has a roster chalked full of talent from near and far. Shawn Bohannon aka The Rocker Devine reps Atlanta. Chad Wilson aka Sip Wilson comes from Milwaukee now residing in Florida. Norman Woolan aka PiFF is up the East coast in North Carolina. Joshua James aka JTheRapper calls the Windy City home. While Ross Wilson aka Overdose and Isiah Sargent aka Ike G are local talents  out of Minnesota.

With each individual representing not only a different part of the country in terms of style and sound, Eardetainment is covering all of its bases in terms of creating a roster that is as spirited in talent as it is personality. Shannon Evans notes, “Whenever you get multiple people contributing, on one specific goal. Then that’s a collaboration. It’s almost like coding DNA. No other group of individuals would create the same thing, the same exact way. Things will always be different when you have unique ideas. Then incorporate others with other unique ideas. Within reason, there are no rules in this music thing.”

Together the artists and creatives behind Eardetainment have been able to solidify their name on a regional scale. Having played all over Minnesota and Wisconsin since 2011, the Eardetainment team is ready to take things to the next level in 2019 and spread their reach. Piff and Zay are helping helm that mission with their 2019 release, “*%k The Party Up.” Released March 11, 2019, there is also a censored version for the PC crowd and radio, “Pump The Party Up.” The track is about breathing life into a party that’s flatlining. With that, they hope to do the same for the hip hop realm. Not that it is dying, but it could always use a boost and Eardetainment Music is ready to be that necessary boost.

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